Watch This Now: Using Taylor Swift Lyrics to Pick Up Random Women

Like watching your awkward little brother discover boobs for the first time, Tommy Woodbridge’s video, “Taylor Swift Pick Up Lines,” puts our favorite Taylor Swift lyrics to the ultimate test: finding him a girlfriend. Whipping out his guitar, shouting at couples in the park and cozying up to girls sitting by a lake, Tommy, unable to talk to girls on his own, uses Taylor Swift lyrics to break the ice with his future “soulmates.” Most of Tommy’s declarations are followed by awkward silence, polite small talk and complete confusion.

While we can all agree that Taylor Swift songs are best performed on stage with a bedazzled guitar, I can’t help but root for this guy because he reminds me of all my own awkward moments with the opposite sex. Let’s just hope Tommy has more luck than our friend Taylor. But like his mentor, Tommy can always write a song about this later.

And does Tommy find his happy ending? You’ll just have to watch and see.