Watch This: Shitfaced Meat Loaf + Mitt Romney + America The Beautiful = WTF

If someone were to ask me, “Matthew, name two things you couldn’t give two damns about,” my first response would be “the music styling of Meat Loaf and Mitt Romney’s campaign trail.” Shockingly, somehow those two infinitely out-of-touch topics were mixed at a Romney rally recently, and the result is solid YouTube gold.

To say that Meat Loaf is only buzzed in this video is like saying Native Americans were slightly inconvenienced by English settlers. This dude is 110% shitfaced; he sounds like a hippo giving birth to a blender full of firecrackers. This might be the first time in history that I feel sorry for Mitt Romney. Just look at him up there — I bet he is thinking “if I shoot Meat Loaf in the face right now, will that cost me any votes?” The answer is “No, Mitt. It probably would have won you the election.”

Watch the video below:


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