Why Email + YouTube Means A Bigger Audience for You [GUEST POST]

You are an innovator. As a creator on YouTube, you’re part of the massive change in how we consume video. The type of content you share can differ. Maybe you’ve created a multi-episode scripted series or a daily news show or vlog, or maybe you have simply found success filming the antics of your cat. What’s important is that your videos are getting views and your channel is adding subscribers. You are building an audience.

So, How Are You Getting Fans?

Think about your favorite band. Do you engage with them only through one type of media or method? Probably not. You listen to their recordings, go to concerts, follow on social, and maybe own a T-shirt or two. Relying solely on YouTube to build your fanbase is like a band putting out great albums but never playing a show, sharing updates on social, or making buttons and stickers. Even though the content is the most important part, there are other pieces to the marketing mix that need to happen to keep growing your audience.

Which marketing method lets you communicate directly with fans, use multiple types of content, include all of the valuable information you want to share, see deep insights on how fans engage with your content, AND own your fan connections?

Good Old Email

With email, you can own a fan list, communicate in a direct, engaging way, measure the results of your efforts, and include other social strategies you’re using (like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). Email is less time-sensitive, too. You aren’t relying on an update being seen in a feed — fans can open at their leisure and get all the updates they need in one central location before heading to other places, like your YouTube channel or a merch store.

How can you start building an email list from your YouTube fans?

1) Add links to a signup landing page in all of your video descriptions

2) Add a link to a signup landing page on your YouTube channel

3) Include a link to a signup landing page in a video introduction for your playlists

4) Ask fans to join the list at the end of your videos

Once you have a list, you’ll need to actually build and send campaigns. A lot of people get nervous when they have to write an email, and they adopt a new, strange, sales-y way of writing. Don’t do this! Be yourself. Talk (and think about it like talking, not writing) to your fans like they are your best friends. Share a new video, talk about how it was made, or give some insider information on what you’re working on next. Get in the habit of sending an email 1-2 times a month, depending on your content output. While we all tend to be vocal about hating unnecessary email, fans don’t join a list to not receive updates. They want to know about the exciting new things you have to share.

Email might not be as new and exciting as the videos you’re creating, but it’ll help build the kind of audience that both anxiously awaits every piece of content you make and never misses any of it.

Need more info on how email can help you build your YouTube audience and get more views and subscribers? Download “3 Keys to Audience Success for YouTube Channel Owners.”


About the author:

Corey Zaloom handles social media and community at FanBridge, the leading Fan Audience CRM platform. FanBridge works with the world’s largest brands, premium content producers, and influencers from music, sports, film, television, comedy, publishing, and YouTube channel producers. 

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