When Worlds Collide: Christopher Walken Does ‘Honey Boo Boo’

“The monkeys over at Screen Junkies have been doing something funky for a while now.” That was my mantra when I was in Rage-aholics Anonymous, and amazingly, it applies here equally well. Screen Junkies, the YouTube channel for in-depth coverage on all things movie related, has recently posted the sort of head-exploding content that I’ve come to expect from the modern Internet. Suck on that, Al Gore.During a sit-down with the stars of “Seven Psychopaths,” a movie so seemingly uninteresting and yet so choc-a-bloc full of good stars that I am excited, the host of Screen Junkies, Hal Rudnick, surprises Christopher Walken, Colin Farrell and Sam Rockwell with Honey Boo Boo scripts for an impromptu read-a-long.

Having only seen commercials for “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo,” it took the epic promise of Walken’s take on the deep-fried gutter yawp for me to become a fan. God, I won’t ever watch the show, but having heard the “Seven Psychopaths” crew do their thing with the script, I feel like I’ve lived through something special. And so have the almost 2 million other people who ratcheted up the views on this doozy of an interview.

As a bonus treat after the interview, Rudnick makes ‘sketti — a Honey Boo Boo clan dinner specialty that combines butter and ketchup to dump over pasta noodles. I once ate a donut out of the mud, and this still sounds wretchedly disgusting to me (it’s even worse to watch it get made and sampled). If you don’t yet know about the feisty child pageant star and her depressing redneck family, hearing it through Walken might just be the best way to soften the blow.