You Missed A Spot: The Best Of Tan Man Meme [Gallery]

Is there anything better than waking up in the morning, having a good cup of coffee, and then turning on the Internet to discover a new meme? If there is, put it in a meme, because that’s the only way I choose to get my news anymore (did you know that penguins are socially awkward?).

The latest meme comes to us from the world of bodybuilding, where the men are men and so are the women. These people have muscles on their muscles, and the lot of them have paid the price to do it (*cough steroids). Of course, if you’re gonna be fit, you also gotta be tan, or else no one is gonna see the definition of your glutes against the backdrop of your pasty white ass. So meet “Tan Man,” the ultimate meme antithesis of the tan-faced lady. She is facially tanned, he is tan everywhere except his face, somebody get these two a sitcom. In the meantime, check out this bounty of “Tan Man” pics the Internet has so graciously provided to squander away your workday.


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