You’re Supposed To Be What!? 12 Tragically Terrible Halloween Costumes [GALLERY]

Each Halloween, amidst a sea of sexy cops and shirtless college dudes, you’ll find the true unsung heroes of this pseudo-holiday. It’s not a popular opinion, but throwing on aviator sunglasses and taking your shirt off doesn’t make you creative, it makes you a wrench-like tool. The real champions of Halloween are those unafraid to let their spirits soar — those brave individuals who refuse to embrace vomit-soaked cheerleader costumes and instead reach for something higher: The last bastions of individualism – people with unbelievably shitty costumes.

Like Icarus flying towards the sun on wax wings, these ambitious souls grasped for something beyond this mortal world only to plummet back into the sea’s bitter embrace. We honor you, you queens of corsets too tight, you lords of mangled makeup.


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