YouTube Introduces InVideo Programming To Increase Partner’s Branding & Engagement

Here’s a fancy bit of YouTube news for you. As you know, keeping viewers glued to your channel is arguably the most important part of being a creator. YouTube has been helping creators keep their audiences engaged with the release of video annotations, enhanced metrics, and a brand new search algorithm. Now the video-sharing moguls are adding something new to their partner’s toolboxes: InVideo Programming.

Available to partners “in good standing,” InVideo Programming works very similarly to a video annotation but is featured during an already streaming video. Using this new function, a creator will be able to alert viewers of new or classic videos throughout their entire catalog of content.

If you have a new upload that isn’t getting the traffic you want, you can use InVideo to promote that video across your channel. InVideo will also work as a means to showcase old videos that you think viewers should check out.

This is a fantastic new tool YouTube is giving partners, especially since old content can easily lose traction after only a few weeks. By reintroducing fans to your old catalog, it should increase engagement and channel view time.

The third and final function of InVideo Programming is perfect for creators looking to increase their branding. Instead of advertising a video, partners can promote their channel’s logo using InVideo Programming. By using this function, viewers can gain a certain level of familiarity with your branding and easily subscribe to your channel.

Every YouTube partner needs a particular brand that fans can easily find and associate with. Without branding, your channel could be easily smothered by the thousands of YouTube partners also looking to make a career on YouTube.

To find out if InVideo Programming is available to you, look for it in your Channel Settings menu.

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