YouTube Legend Ronald Jenkees Is Back, And It’s Goddamn Magical

There are a handful of cultural icons that have disappeared from the public eye for years only to come roaring back melting the collective ear and eye-holes of everyone they come into contact with. Michael Jackson waited five years between releasing “Thriller” and “Bad.” Dr. Dre released “2001” seven years after “The Chronic,” and that album was so well-loved my 80-year-old grandparents know the lyrics to “Let’s Get High.” Tupac had “Me Against The World,” Werner Herzog and Tim Roth had “Invincible.”

Joining the pantheon of performers whose artistic vision rose from obscurity, I present the triumphant return of Ronald Jenkees.

After four years of radio silence, Jenkees is back with “Red Lemonade Remixed,” and it is as if he never left. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Jenkees’ return is a glorious occasion for both YouTube and humanity in general.

Check out Ronald’s Christ-like return below.