YouTube Mobile Is Up 19%, Which Means More Money In Partners’ Pockets

At the recent Abu Dhabi Media Summit, YouTube executive Robert Kyncl explained, “Mobile has increased from 6% to 25% in the last 18 months across the whole of YouTube.” That large of a traffic and engagement increase over a year and a half shows incredible growth in the YouTube mobile marketplace, which is great for them. But, is it great for you, the creator?

YouTube has notoriously struggled in the mobile marketplace with a problematic iPhone app that didn’t support ads and suffered from view tampering. The problems with YouTube’s app came when Apple took development out of the Google-owned site’s hands. As it turns out, for all their groundbreaking technology, Apple doesn’t know digital streaming that well. Now that YouTube has developed their own app for iPhones and iPads, the increase in mobile users has only risen.



YouTube quadrupling mobile viewers in 18 months is a great opportunity for creators to also potentially accelerate their revenue. Previously, YouTube’s iPhone app was so unresponsive that the views a creator would receive were nominal at best. On top of that, with no ads running before videos, creators were making zip on mobile. This increase of mobile will help line partner’s pockets, but could also change how creators upload content.

Now that viewers aren’t limited to YouTube’s website and consoles, people are going to be watching your channel everywhere. That means your content will literally have the opportunity to be viewed every moment of the day. People will be watching your videos at funerals, during weddings, in the middle of baptisms, and basically anywhere that a computer isn’t socially acceptable, so make sure you have plenty of content regularly available for people to view. If you aren’t giving people content that they can literally constantly watch then I guarantee there will be a creator who is, while laughing all the way to the Google bank.

YouTube killing it with mobile views isn’t that groundbreaking and not that particularly surprising. If there is one thing Google does well, it is making user-friendly applications. However, if anything, this announcement is a look at how things will be for creators in the future. As mobile rises drastically, people may start turning off their PC’s for something more handheld. Hopefully, all the creators out there are prepared.

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