2012 Obama & Romney Presidential Election Debates

[UPDATE] Live Stream has ended, watch replay below

President Barack Obama and


Mitt Romney will meet for their first presidential election debate this Wednesday, which will be live streamed on YouTube. This will be the first time an election debate has ever been live streamed through the online video site.


YouTube is working with ABC to get a live feed not only for this Wednesday’s debate but also for the next two presidential debates and one vice-presidential debate. Throughout the debates, YouTube viewers can watch and comment on analysis and discussion from BuzzFeed, Al-Jazeera, Phil DeFranco and other partners at the website’s Election Hub. For Spanish speakers, Univision will also offer their debate live stream on YouTube.

In the last presidential election, YouTube directly collaborated with CNN on two debates where voters could upload questions for the Republican and Democratic candidates to answer. The addition of the presidential debate live streams on YouTube gives viewers a more convenient and interactive look at the pressing issues facing Americans before they vote November 6.

You can check out the first presidential debate live on YouTube this Wednesday and the two other presidential debates on October 16 and 22. The vice-presidential debate is on October 11. All debates will begin at 9pm ET/6 pm PT.

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