YouTube Starts Synchronizing Ad Settings So Partners Can Always Cash In

I’ll be honest; I’ve given YouTube a lot of grief about what seems like their overall plan to replace smaller independent creators with big name celebrities and established YouTube legends. Maybe it’s the inner Marxist in me, but when the little guy gets pushed out it raises the old hackles; also, I can’t stand those rotten bourgeoisie. I’ve talked to several very helpful YouTube reps about what looks like the end of days for independent creators, and each time I hear the same thing —YouTube is still all about the everyman.

Listen, I was skeptical too at first, but YouTube has really been rolling out a ton of great features for creators not selected to have “premium” channels. First, YouTube announced features like custom annotations and a variety of promotional contests. Mix in TrueView advertising, and you have a bare bones foundation for a successful independent career on YouTube.



Adding coal to this steam-powered locomotive of independent opportunity, YouTube has just announced a plan to keep all partner advertising consistent. Essentially, YouTube will be automatically updating ad formatting across all of your videos past and present. What this means is that whatever ad settings you have now, whether they be TrueView or otherwise, will automatically apply to any videos uploaded before April 20, 2012.

As a side note, I would like to thank YouTube for making the cut-off day my birthday; when people ask me to make a birthday wish next year, I’ll tell them “It already came true” a la “Sixteen Candles.”

This is in no way a trailblazing update for creators. Consistent ad settings could be easily written off in most partners’ minds. However, by announcing this update and automatically setting it up for creators, YouTube could really gain a vote of confidence from the independent community. Hopefully, as YouTube continues their support of all the non-premiums out there, they’ll win over those nogoodnik skeptics.

Synchronized ad settings are not mandatory and can be easily switched off in your Content Management System menu.

What do you think of this update? Impressed? Not impressed? What is YouTube? Where Am I? Let us know your thoughts below.

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