15-Year-Old Sierra Leone Boy Awes MIT, Makes Your Mom Disappointed in You [VIDEO]

Be thankful this holiday season, because at least you have it better than starving kids in Africa, right? Yeah, you definitely do, because while you’re watching cats on YouTube instead of being productive for once, 15-year-old Kelvin Doe is building radio stations out of spare parts he’s collected from trash bins.

According to the Thinkr YouTube channel’s video description, the self-taught engineering prodigy lives in Sierra Leone and has built batteries, generators and trasmitters to create his own radio station where he broadcasts news and music.

Kelvin says in the video that his next project will be a windmill that generates electricity because, he says: “I want to help my family – to provide the facility for them.” Look at your Thanksgiving gut right now and be very, very ashamed.

Check out the YouTube video below to see why Kelvin became the youngest person to have ever been invited to MIT’s Visiting Practioner’s Program.