3 Secret Photoshop Tools to Help Hide Your Thanksgiving Weight

Did you eat so much honey-glazed turkey and cream of corn last night that you woke up to find yourself greasy and plump like a rump roast? If your answer is yes, don’t worry — NMR has your back! Let me introduce you to a few of my Photoshop friends: Liquify, Patch Tool, and Clone Tool. When used properly in combination they can help you minimize that chunky gut and greasy face in any post-Thanksgiving image. Here are we few video tutorials to get you started.

1. Photoshop: Virtual Weight Loss in Photoshop!


2. Photoshop CS6: Body sculpting with Liquify


3. You Suck at Photoshop : Patch Tools and Levels

With some practice you should be able to trim off any extra turkey meat like in the video below.