5 Apps For Surviving Black Friday

If you’re not willing to risk getting trampled for that $5 discount on the iPad or aren’t ready to fight to the death for the last Sesame Street doll, please don’t bother reading the next few paragraphs. But if you’re battle-ready for Black Friday, you’ll need to have some survival skills if you want to get the gifts you want at the lowest prices. Having these apps on your iPhone will help you be savvy when it comes to finding deals and the nearest toilet.

Sit or Squat

Just because you’re roaming around at dawn for that insane deal on Blu-Rays doesn’t mean that nature isn’t calling. This app, sponsored by Charmin, will guide you to the nearest restroom, and you can also rate and review them as well.


The website’s Black Friday app helps you filter deals by category and track sales ads from your favorite retailers. If you’re shopping in a group, you can share your “favorite” items with your friends.


Not only does this app scan barcodes and QPs, it also compares product prices from online retailers and physical stores. You can save yourself some money if you scan and compare.


Buying the newspaper on Thanksgiving for coupons and deals is a thing of the past. This app is basically an aggregator of deals, news and sales from major retailers like Best Buy and Target. You can create your own shopping list so all the deals you want will be in one place.


This app uses geo-location technology so that when you’re close to a mall, you’ll get relevant deals from a store close to your location on your phone.

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