5 Essential Olga Kay Videos To Watch Before Her NMR Interview!

So I’m friggin’ excited because my interview with Olga Kay, the beautiful and talented YouTube sensation, comes out on NMR tomorrow! And as I am in a giving mood, I thought I would gear you up for said interview with a nifty little video compilation! Not bad, right? Ol’ Jeff saves you the trouble of going to YouTube and keying in “Olga Kay” yourselves. She releases something like 23 videos a week (good God) on numerous channels, so I thought I would also save you the hassle of having to dig around too much. Tis’ the season, and all that shit. So watch these and then tune in tomorrow for the big interview (or just stay on the site for the next 24 hours … we’ve got a buttload of good content … also some Matt Manarino stuff).

Olga Kay’s Circus

I’ve included this clip because when I sat down to interview her, I had no idea that Olga Kay was formerly a circus juggler. I am a moron. The vid is a wee bit schmaltzy for my taste, but then I laughed at a few scenes in “Schindler’s List” I shouldn’t have, so what the hell do I know?



Flo Rida “Wild Ones” Parody

When I began prepping for my Olga Kay interview, this was the first video I watched. I was captivated by a beautiful, talented girl who was outrageous and funny. After this vid, I easily could understand how she has thousands of followers on YouTube, while I cry alone as I masturbate into empty cartons of rocky road ice cream (NOTE TO SELF: Delete this part before I publish article).



Reasons to Stay Single

This video came out in the aftermath of Olga’s breakup with Toby Turner — a topic which I had to ask about during said interview. Single, eh? Admittedly though, all the reasons she cites in this video are some of the tamer things I am guilty of, so I probably wouldn’t stand at convincing her to go out with me. Probably for the best — my wife would cut my balls off.



“Sex Scene With Toby Turner”

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m a bit of a creeper, so I clicked on this vid hoping to see “the goods.” Lets just say this clip is (sigh) Safe For Work. I ended up including it in the compilation because it gives a neat little insight into the behind-the-scenes world of internet celebrities and how that world combines with Hollywood. Plus, this motherfucking vid had 1,129,000+ views, so a lot of perverts out there had the same warped idea I did. Nice try, perverts — Olga is classy. Well, sort of …



Studying for the Citizenship Test

In case you’ve somehow read down this far without ever having watched an Olga Kay video, you will no doubt be astounded to find out that she is Ukranian. Or Russian. Or was Ukranian/Russian and is now an American … ah the hell with it, I don’t know. There is all sorts of legal shit involved. Needless to say, if you watch the interview tomorrow, you will find out she knows way more about America than I do.



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