5 Things Partners Want YouTube To Add, Change, Or Remove From The New Layout

When it comes to video sharing and hosting web television, there is no greater platform than YouTube. Without the golden banks of the video-sharing site, we would have never been introduced to “Gangnam Style” or the infectiously viral “Sneezing Panda.”

YouTube is the best we have, which ideally would mean it was a perfect place to post, watch and share. Alas, the only perfect thing in this world is pizza dipped in ranch dressing. YouTube, for all of its technological advances, still remains a terrific yet ultimately flawed platform.

To find out what YouTube could improve on, I reached out to those working deep within the partner program. Asking friends and forum users, we’ve compiled this list of all the things we wish YouTube would add, change or remove.

1. Google Analytics Connected To YouTube Channels

Google Product Forum user chottom suggested that YouTube should offer partners more detailed analytics options. While YouTube currently allows brands and advertisers to link to Google Analytics, this option is not currently available to every partner. Google Analytics could give creators up-to-the-minute insight into their channel’s performance. As of now, YouTube analytics are slightly less responsive than Google’s and don’t provide the same level of detail.

2. The Ability To Opt In Or Out Of YouTube Testing

As YouTube began testing out their new layout, here at NMR headquarters only a handful of us were able to try it out. YouTube seems to test layouts largely at random. If you weren’t lucky enough to sample the new layout the only way to check it out was through entering code in the web editor. Layout changes should be tested by everyone, as they affect everyone and not just a sample audience.

3. A More Unified Experience

Currently, video annotations do not scale across TV or mobile devices. Partners are looking for a more unified experience that works for every platform. Forum user GreatandRandom explained, “The same goes with commenting, in video programming, subscribing, playlists, the who (sic) thing.”

4. The Ability To Transfer Videos Between Channels

Most YouTube partners don’t strike gold immediately. Sometimes, partners change up channel names or move to different formats. As of now, if you are looking to move videos between accounts you’re out of luck. YouTube allows creators to download their own videos but doesn’t allow transferring of already uploaded videos. With the ability to transfer videos, creators could bring all of their most popular videos with fan interactions onto one active channel.

5. A More Defined Difference Between Partners and Everyone Else

Before YouTube rolled out the partner program for every YouTube creator, the partner program came with a certain level of prestige. As an original partner you were allowed custom pages, monetary options, and more branding opportunities. Now, as the partner program has been thrown open to everyone, those options have either been given to everyone with a webcam or only reserved for a handful of YouTube royalty.

Thanks to  XBOXneverKILLED and Sticky Ninjaz for also helping to put this list together. If you have anything you think YouTube should add, change, or remove let us know in the comments below.

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