5 Ways Every YouTube Creator Should Interact With Their Fans

Producing content on YouTube is more than just filming your latest vlog and racking up thousands of hits; it’s also about understanding your audience. The best way to get your audience’s two cents on your work is by reading their comments on your videos, Facebook or Twitter. If you want to be oblivious to what your fans have to say about your content, you do so at your own peril. However, if you appreciate the input or are looking for ways to keep viewers interested in your content, you should check out these five ways you can interact with your fans.

Don’t Quietly Drop Your Latest Video

Unless you have wide name recognition like Smosh or Ray William Johnson, don’t let your audience forget your latest video. When it uploads, tell your audience on your Facebook and Twitter about it and encourage them to comment or retweet it.

Use YouTube Bulletins

Twitter and Facebook aren’t the only ways of reaching your fans. Use the bulletins feature on your channel to talk about your latest updates or projects. These bulletins will appear on your subscribers’ recent activity feed and on your channel’s homepage. Think of it as a built-in Twitter account within YouTube.

Let Your Fans Have A Say

Encouraging reasonable discussion and input for your videos and your channel is always important. If you want your fans to have a say, encourage it by appealing for comments at the end of the video or in the description. Whether it’s asking for a simple “What do you think?” or asking them to make a video response, you’ll know where your fans stand if you ask.

Acknowledge Your Fans By Responding To YouTube Comments

Once you’ve got your fans responding to your latest video, start some dialogue. You don’t have to respond to every comment — you’d be mad if you did — but responding to interesting critiques and thought-provoking questions will give the impression that you are listening to your fans and appreciate their opinions.

Reward Loyalty

Keeping your fans entertained means more than just putting out great content. It’s about acknowledging the fans that will go the extra mile and tell their friends about your channel. Reward your loyal fans by holding contests like a fan art competition or a remixing your video challenge. If you need more assistance, platforms like Blayze help YouTube artists interact with their fans more while at the same time encourage artists to reward fans who spread the word about their content.

When you interact with your fans, it gives you the opportunity to meet the people that like (or dislike) your content and brings more exposure to what you do best.

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