8 YouTube Videos the NMR Team is Thankful For

With the promise of turkey just around the corner, the NMR office has been consumed with the rare feeling of goodwill and holiday cheer. In between chattering about past holiday mishaps, plans for beating the holiday traffic and this year’s big events, we each took a good five minutes to pick the YouTube videos we are thankful someone created. These priceless YouTube videos have brought tears, laughter and enjoyment to the NMR office. And this holiday season, we are most thankful to all of you who have shared with us the daily lives of your pets, your epic singing disasters and personal moments. Sit back, dream about the feast that awaits you, and enjoy the favorites of the NMR staff.

Puppy Howl

Alan Van – Executive Editor

The cutest puppy howl ever. If I weren’t Asian, I’d have resisted the urge to eat this puppy it’s so damn cute. It tasted better because it was howling on the way down my gullet 🙂

By the way – before you get too happy here (my mission is to make sure NMR readers are never happy [Benny definitely helps me in this area]) — I’d like to point out the fact that Thanksgiving is a holiday for rejoicers of the American Holocaust. On Thursday, when you’re stuffing your giant moon face with cholesterol pie and tortured turkey while also trying not to spill gravy on your new iPad, remember to be conscious of the collective tears wretched by your ancestors from the wise, soulful eyes of 100 million dead Native Americans.

Mission accomplished. Happy Thanksgiving, NMR reader!

Baby Panda Sneezing

Benny Luo – CEO & Co-Founder

It’s one of those videos that never gets old. Whenever I feel down, this video always cheers me up.

Cat Jumps on Kid

Matthew Manarino – Managing Editor & Head Writer

I hate kids and love cats. Cat attacking a child = solid gold. Little bastard probably had it coming to him. Street justice.

Panda Cheese Commercial

Carly Lanning – Staff Writer

Panda, cheese and sassiness — I couldn’t ask for anything more in a video.

Phoenix Jones in Action

Ed Carrasco – Staff Writer

I’m thankful for this video because of two things — superheroes are real and finding out Seattle police are cool with guys engaging in mutual combat.

We Are Here: The Pale Blue Dot

Drew Rueda – Graphic Designer

I am thankful for this video because it reminds me that the human race is small.

Lion Tries to Eat Baby

Melly Lee – Co-founder/CCO

There is ignorance in bliss. The baby is fully enjoying life because he is unaware that he is about to be devoured. This could be a metaphor for life in that in our youth we hold on to our innocence until we reach adulthood, where we learn of the perils of the harsh real world. The glass separating the baby and lion is symbolic of our maternal love and protection; it protects us from the outside dangers and corruption. The lion represents a dual symbol for both perseverance and resistance from a nature perspective. Throughout the entire video, the lion does not give up despite the unmovable force. This sends a message to viewers that if there is a metaphysical wall or obstacle stopping us from going forward all we have to do is never give up. (You may wonder what just happened here — yep, welcome to working with Melly).

Tunak Tunak Tun 5 Hours

Eddie Coleman – Staff Videographer

Having always dreamed of becoming a famous Bollywood actor, this video embodies everything I will ever hope to become or achieve in my life. Plus the dance moves are super sweet and his beard is glorious. Tunak Tunak Tun 5 Hours:

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