AJ Rafael’s Music Speaks Concert Puts A Message Back Into Music [GALLERY]

Recently, NMR had the opportunity to attend AJ Rafael’s Music Speaks. The concert series includes performances by a variety of talented artists speaking through music to spread Autism awareness.

One of the performers at Music Speaks, musician and YouTuber Cameron Mitchell, told me:

“Kids and people with autism can connect through music. I think it’s cool; it bridges all generations so that people can connect.”

As I talked more and more with each Music Speaks performer, I began to understand what AJ was trying to accomplish and appreciated the fact that he was spreading through an accessible medium like music the word about autism. I understand this need for awareness on a personal level because I myself have a brother with autism.

Near the end of the concert, AJ brought out his nephew Nathan, who is autistic, and performed with him. The entire audience stood up and clapped their hands to the music, and after filling up my memory card with the whole performance, I left feeling inspired that each of the Music Speaks artists took the time out of their day to perform and to spread awareness about autism. Check out NMR’s exclusive photo gallery of the event below.

To learn more about Music Speaks visit musicspeaks.org.