As The Election Winds Down, Obama Turns To His Greatest Ally — The Lolcat

Let it never be said that Obama’s campaign wasn’t in touch with America’s youth. As Election Day rockets to an end, the fine folks over at the Obama camp have deployed their last-ditch effort at locking in young voters.

Is it a reformed health care plan? How about something to help college grads deal with brutal student loan interest? Or maybe it’s a meme-flavored email reminder featuring the Internet’s greatest patron and proprietor — the Lolcat.

Spoiler: It’s the third one.

You’ve got to give Obama credit; with a Reddit AMA and working knowledge of internet memes under his belt, he at least is somewhat in the know of web culture.

I hear that Romney supporters also received an email with an  “All Your Bases Are Belong To Us” meme accompanied with text that read:

“Hey, cool cats, ‘The Matrix’ sure was a radical movie. Vote Romney!”


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