AwesomenessTV’s ‘Runaways’ Season 2 on YouTube Uncovers More of the Murder Mystery

Warning: Spoiler alerts for season 1 are contained below.

Now that the police have found out that Kalee’s dad was the murder victim, the students at Danbury Prep are wondering whether runaways Kalee and Mason are victims of a kidnapping plot or are suspects in the murder.

AwesomenessTV hopes to answer these important questions as they premiere the second season of the YouTube series “Runaways” on Thanksgiving Day. This season will have six episodes.

“Runaways” writer Beth Szymkowski told NMR that they have been “completely blown away” by the overwhelming response from fans of the show and find it fun how viewers are guessing what will happen next.

In season 2, the episodes will dig deep into the mindset of the series’ main characters and answer questions about who could have had a beef with Mr. Abertnathy, Kalee’s father.

On the season 2 plotline, Szymokowski said: “It has a lot more going deeply into the relationships with characters. You find out how Kalee and Mason met, how Kalee’s dad showed his displeasure with Mason, you find how [Mr. Abernathy] was killed and what he was killed, and basically who was screwing who.”

Szymkowski said that though the second season will follow the interrogation format of the first season, “Runaways” will go deeper into the characters’ past and how the characters knew each other before the murder happened, including more scenes between Kalee and Mason.

Szymokowski added: “The runaways [Kalee and Mason] were ghosts. You really didn’t know much about them except what other people said, so [the second season] will actually get you to meet them and let you decide if Mason’s capable of being violent, if Kalee’s capable of being violent or that they did something together.”

Who do you think killed Mr. Abernathy? Check out the trailer below, and watch the second season premiere of “Runaways” on the AwesomenessTV YouTube channel on Thanksgiving Day.


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