Baker’s Dozen: 12 Meanest Tweets on ‘Fat’ Christina Aguilera from the American Music Awards

Because people who spend their Sunday nights tweeting about celebrities at entertainment events aren’t fat, Christina Aguilera was widely deemed “fat” last night at the American Music Awards by that not-fat contingent of the Twitterverse.

But look, Christina doesn’t give a fuck. She wore an overly tight, skin-baring outfit that looks like it was fished from the Milky Way’s toilet during flu season. So what if it took her hours to squeeze all that dairy into one tight space? If Kraft can do it for Cheez Whiz, then ol’ Xtina can do it for her millions of fans. Respect her for owning her body. For teaching us that we should all embrace our fatness, she deserves the highest kudos. Christina, I’ve sent your way a very rare box of Twinkies to add to your Fort Knox-sized stash of cakes and candies.

Here are some of the best and worst of Twitterdom on Christina Aguilera last night: