BBC Starts YouTube Channel, Wisely Focuses On Kittens

The BBC, media arm of the “Imperial Empire,” has just started a YouTube Channel, and — get this — part of their lineup will be a series about newborn animals … what a bunch of tossers. That’s the word you English use when you don’t like someone, right? Tosser?

The channel, dedicated to natural history, will be the first of many new online channels expected to roll out in the near future for BBC Worldwide. Called “Earth Unplugged,” the channel will host entirely new content and become “a destination for wildlife and nature.” This includes the series “Amazing Animal Babies” which the BBC describes as “a must for anyone needing a weekly uplift.” Yeah, whatever. America rules! Tossers.

“YouTube offers a fantastic opportunity to reach people and grab their attention with innovative nature content that will captivate and inspire, said Amanda Hill, the managing director for BBC Earth at BBC Worldwide, via the Daily Mail. Sounds like something a tosser would say.


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