Bill O’Reilly Versus PSY’s ‘Gangnam Style’ Is As Miserable As It Sounds [VIDEO]

There’s a “Dante’s Inferno” quality to this “Gangnam Style” phenomenon, as I am continually amazed by how many levels of Hell I must descend to in covering this K-pop song. Today I had to watch Bill O’Reilly and some bald psychiatrist discuss whether “Gangnam Style” is “healthy” for kids.

Surprisingly, Bill has a mellow take on the song and sees dancing to it as a means for kids to lose weight. The psychiatrist pisses about the fact that no publishers wanted to buy his “empowerment” kids book (just listening to the guy, I’ve got to believe his kids book is the equivalent of when John Ashcroft sung that horrible song he wrote after 9/11),  and then he says PSY’s “meaningless” anthem is not healthy because there is no point to it. I’d fucking hate to be his kid.As NMR is the record of note for all things PSY, I have now written about SNL covering him, Ellen covering him, the Dodgers covering him, marching bands covering him, gamers covering him, Asian prisoners covering him, Gangnam Style parodies, a “Gangnam Style” conspiracy, the “Gangnam Style” obituary, Halloween costumes of him, and even him speaking at Oxford University. Oxford. And now I’m having to watch Bill O’Reilly shit.I can’t even begin to guess where this thing is going to take me next, but I gotta hope it can’t get much worse.Lasciate ogni speranza voi ch’entrate.



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