Blogger Seeks Rejection, Surprised With Krispy Kreme Olympic Rings Instead [VIDEO]

Many of us have different ways of overcoming rejection. Some of us go to motivational seminars where they talk about gaining confidence. Others just wing it and not care.

Jia Jiang’s takes his approach to overcoming rejection a step further than many other people. He’s documenting his so-called “Rejection Therapy” by making crazy requests over the course of 100 days and filming them secretly using his iPhone.

For the first couple of days, he asked a stranger for $100 and a fast food employee for a “burger refill.” Both times went according to his plan and they rejected both of his requests.

But on his third day, when he went into a Krispy Kreme and asked for five doughnuts in the shape and colors of the Olympic symbol that would make your average donut maker look at him with confusion, an employee agreed to make it much to his surprise. Watch this YouTube video below as Jiang fails getting what seems to be an easy rejection while lauding the employee with “amazement and happiness.”

Even though he got the Krispy Kreme employee to follow through his wacky request and getting more than 2 million views in the process, he’s still moving forward with his “Rejection Therapy” and is now on Day 13 of his journey.