Can New Social Recommendation Site Snoox Knock Pinterest Off the Board?

Could Snoox, a social media recommendation platform released this week, leave Pinterest pulling up a seat next to Myspace and AOL Instant Messenger to drink their neglected lives away?

With an almost identical appearance and appeal as Pinterest, Snoox shares recommendations of just about everything you can share a recommendation on, but Snoox has differentiated itself by keeping these recommendations solely between friends. While it is great to pin, like and compile projects and ideas from the infinite user base of Pinterest, when it comes down to making decisions, users tend to rely on the advice of their friends. Riding on Pinterest’s coat tails and the pre-established bonds of friendship, Snoox’s objective has been to connect users with chosen friends, rather than complete strangers, to share reviews on holiday destinations, restaurants, books, television shows, beauty products.

On the inspiration behind Snoox, founder Guy Poreh told Social Times: “We all have our go-to friends who we ask for advice in real life, which was the inspiration behind Snoox. The most influential recommendations come from our real friends. Snoox is now the single, online destination to find friends’ recommendations on absolutely anything, and to share your own favorite things.”

By signing up through your Facebook account to choose which friends you’d like to connect with, Snoox allows you to create one or more display categories discussing any array of subjects. Combining the features of Pinterest and Foursquare, Snoox is trying to become a major social media force while running on the age-old adage “A friend’s advice is golden.”