Watch This: Rock Class Performs Taylor Swift Song Better Than Taylor Swift

Anytime I watch a YouTube video consisting of a bunch of kids doing stuff, I always try and spot the losers. Maybe I’m just finding the young Jeff Klimas in the crowd — the oblivious nose-pickers, the kids with the permanent Kool-Aid stain around their mouth, or the ones wearing a stained hand-me-down promo shirt from a strip club.

I’ve got a couple earmarked out as future sluts and hopheads, which might, on its nose, seem negative, but how exciting would it be for those kids to read this article, interpret that I’m referencing them, and then go on to all become Supreme Court justices? You might see negativity; I see it as “daring them to excel beyond the stereotypes and be great.”

The trending video in question is this class of about 50 talented youngsters, all performing Taylor Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble.” They do it fantastically well, which to me is great because I hear the actual Taylor Swift is lousy in concert. That might seem negative too, but maybe I am just daring Taylor to succeed bigger. Crazy, right?

And notice how I didn’t make any comments about how I feel the teacher appears to be some sort of obvious fame-whore suckling off the skills of his students. Look at the way he gets his face on camera at the end of the video. Smooth operator.