Column 5 Media Does An Interactive ‘Beard-a-thon’ for ‘Hurricane Sandy’ Relief

When a disaster first occurs, there is an enormous outpouring of good ideas from people wanting to help make the wrong things right. As time goes on, all the best ideas are used up, and what remains is stuff like this interactive infographic from Column 5 Media. Makers of some of the best infographics this side of the Spanish Inquisition, Column 5 Media is doing a “beard-a-thon” for Hurricane Sandy relief. Yup, you read that right: a “beard-a-thon.”

As the possessor of a fine, manly beard myself, I suddenly feel shabby that I didn’t grow it for something noble like “Hurricane Sandy” or “hockey playoffs” or even a post-Halloween “hobo costume.” Nope, selfishly I’ve been using this beard for my own personal benefits — stuff like catching food crumbs and keeping the Devil’s ball sack warm. You read that right too.

Now as I’m currently trying to buy my way out of Hell, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to let you fine Internet philanthropists in on some sweet, sweet charity action. The way it works is simple: Every day, the Column 5 Media photographer takes a picture of all the male staffers (and a couple of ladyboys from the looks of it, hehehe). Bottom line is, you get to see a documented month-life of beards (the unchecked beard in nature really is quite spectacular). That’s worth some money, right? If you gave a rousing and throaty “yes,” then click the “donate” button and … I don’t know … fuck it, give em’ some money for New Jersey.

And as a bonus, the infographic totally looks like the board game “Guess Who?”

Check out the “beard-a-thon” interactive infographic here.