Coming Soon To Your Facebook Feed: ‘Upcoming Events’ & ‘Recently Released Albums’

The mad scientists at Facebook have been busy lately. In addition to the recently revealed Facebook comment ranking system, the social media megalith has begun testing two new feed features — “upcoming events” and “recently released albums.”

The upcoming events news feed item essentially allows users to see nearby events regardless of your invitation status. Think of it as a way to see all the cool stuff going on in your town that you probably weren’t invited to — just when you thought teenagers didn’t have enough reasons to be angst-ridden.

Upcoming events will act similarly to the rumored “upcoming concerts” in which local concerts will show up in your news feed. Possibly attempting to combat MySpace’s push towards a music friendly platform, Facebook is also testing out “recently released albums” in feeds.

Inside Facebook reports that connecting through Spotify and other music platforms, Facebook will list new albums from musicians and bands that you have recently listened to. Once a new album pops up on your news feed you will be able to stream the album through Spotify.

This seems to be Facebook’s way of keeping their devoted fan base informed on every level from new music to the crippling sadness involved with not be invited to fun events.

Sounds like more bullshit to clog up our news feeds to me, but who knows, it could prove to be “engaging.” I also can’t help shake the feeling that a hungry advertising executive is salivating over the idea of telling people what “cool events” are nearby.

What, you didn’t hear? Buying 2-for-1 Dixie Cups at Wal-Mart is what all the sweet bros are doing this weekend.


Image Source: Inside Facebook