Dailymotion Adds Major News Sources Al-Jazeera, The Daily Telegraph, Vice, More

Some of the world’s most prominent news outlets are setting up shop with Dailymotion by creating original channels for the video-sharing site.

Al-Jazeera, The Daily Telegraph, Russia Today and Vice are some of the names that will be uploading content to Dailymotion, reports IP&TV News. All of them have a strong presence on YouTube and this is a move to expand into the second-most visited video-sharing site in the world.

Dailymotion has already collaborated with Vice in creating a web documentary series, “Foreign Correspondents: How They See Us,” which follows international reporters as they cover the 2012 presidential election in the battleground states. Expect more collaboration between Dailymotion and other various news outlets on the site in the future.

Besides the three news sources, CNN International, Bloomberg and France24 already have channels on Dailymotion.

Much like YouTube has done in the past couple of years with its original channels push, Dailymotion is trying to go beyond user-generated content and attract more viewers with professional-quality videos and web series. They recently talked about opening up a production studio in New York City which would also host live programming. In addition, Dailymotion in August introduced a more interactive layout featuring user customization and Facebook-like elements in creating a more social experience.

While these changes in the past few months may have brought more attention to the French-based video-sharing site, whether they’ll be enough to topple YouTube’s dominance remains unclear.

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