Danny Trejo on Social Media, ‘Machete Kills’ & His Love Scene with Amber Heard [INTERVIEW]

Our friends The Young Turks recently invited us on set for their interview with actor Danny Trejo. Trejo is famous for his roles in dozens of movies and TV shows like “Spy Kids,” “Breaking Bad,” and of course, the action exploitation mega-hit “Machete.” A lot of buzz has been building up for the sequel to that movie, “Machete Kills,” partly because of the success of the first film and also because of the sequel’s all-star cast that includes talents like Lady Gaga, Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen, Amber Heard, and others. NMR had a chance to talk to Danny after his interview with TYT’s Cenk to talk about his thoughts on new media, his upcoming projects, and why “Machete Kills” will be better than the first!

You’ve been a huge supporter of new media and have done some great interviews with The Young Turks. What are your thoughts on the recent “mainstreaming” of new media?

Danny Trejo: Well, now with the social media we have now it’s so easy to stay really close to your fans. Where before you and they were kind of untouchable — you just seen each other and wave and stuff — now you can actually stay in contact with them. It’s really a great medium. I got kind of pushed into using it because I was so far behind — I mean, I have a flip phone. But it’s like you can’t help it; you’re really, really going to have to be able to use social media. Now even Hollywood is looking at people’s social media scores and picking up commercials for them and stuff.

Were you receptive to using social media?

No, I think I was kind of scared of it. I was kind of afraid of it; it was something new. Like, “Wow! What is this?” Man, all of a sudden you have 350,000 people that you can talk to, and you can communicate with them.

Do you think these outlets are the future in terms of sharing content and news?

Absolutely, absolutely. First of all, you are getting news from somebody that isn’t biased. It’s like, “This is the news!” They’re not like told what to say by some corporate sponsor or like, “No, you can’t say that because this will offend this guy,” so for once we have a news outlet that tells the truth.

Do you have any plans to do anything online strictly for Danny Trejo?

I think we are getting ready to do a podcast, somewhere just for Danny Trejo … you’re just going to have wait. It’s going to be something really, really special to where we would really open up some people’s eyes.

You recently launched a limited edition print and online magazine. Tell us about it.

We have a magazine — my magazine — it’s called Trejo. It is going to be a magazine where we will select the star, and we will give them the first 20 pages of that magazine. And they’re on the covers — it’s their magazine basically — and they can do whatever they want to do with that magazine.

“Machete Kills” is coming out pretty soon. Are their any little tidbits you can share with us?

[laughs] “Machete Kills” makes “Machete” look like a nursery rhyme. I mean, we just went so over the top. I think me and Jessica Alba killed 12 people in the first 30 second of the movie. She shoots them, and I hack ‘em up. [laughs]

Share with us a cool story from on the set.

Well, there’s a lot of them. Mel was there, and Charlie was there, and I had love scene with Amber Heard that was unbelievable. When Robert Rodriguez said, “Okay, action!” Amber couldn’t stop laughing. So Amber said, “Because Danny won’t stop saying, ‘Thank you, Jesus, thank you, Jesus.” [laughs]

So after this, what’s next for you?

Well, I just finished up “Zombie Hunters,” which is another movie which is going to be a classic, a zombie-killing movie. I have a movie coming out called “Dead in Tombstone,” that’s a straight-out Western monster movie. “Badass” just came out and is doing really, really well. So right now, so far, the movies that I’m in with supporting casts are doing really well.

We have a question from a fan: What’s your advice for people who have been in a jail and have a record and are trying to stay clean?

Well, the biggest advice I have is to get into some kind of 12-step program and take drugs and alcohol out of your life. A lot of people try to stay clean and drink, and what happens is that — to somebody that has a drug problem, alcohol is a drug. And to somebody that has an alcohol problem, any kind of drug is bad. So, some people can drink fine; I know people that drink that let ice melt in their glass, and the guy that has the problem has to just completely eliminate it and make sure that he stays around people that are not into drinking. I would say that that would be the number one thing is to get into some kind of group that is out to help you.

Check out The Young Turks interview with Danny Trejo below:


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