Don’t Own a Twitter Account? Tweets Are Coming Soon To An Email Near You

I think Twitter is making a huge mistake.
The micro-blogging platform announced today that they will be adding the ability to email tweets, a feature that will allow non-Twitter users access to funny, memorable or controversial postings. The email function will be be found under a new “more” button on the masthead, and if it’s not there yet, give it time, because the San Francisco-based company will be doling the goods out over the next few weeks.
While 3rd party vendors such as Hootsuite already have applications allowing you to email your tweets, this is the first time Twitter proper has ever offered anything of the kind. Their own technology for the new service came off a purchase of Tweetdeck last year.The new app will be an attempt to expand and share the Twitter technology with people who don’t currently use the platform, allowing the bums to get in on our sweet “secret club.” Then its just a hop, skip and a jump until the North Koreans know what we think about when we’re bored in line at the supermarket. #Fuckthatshit.

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