Epic Meal Time & KassemG Cook TurBaconEpics & Fast Food Lasagnas For Homeless

Last month, the city of Costa Mesa in California made headlines when Mayor Grinch (actual name: Eric Bever) threatened to shut down the city’s soup kitchens, including Someone Cares, which has served the homeless in Orange County for two decades. His reason? Shutting down these charities would solve the homeless problem.

Luckily for charities like Someone Cares, Bever will be out of office in a matter of days, and his wild theories of solving homelessness by getting rid of non-profits may be put to sleep. Just in time for Thanksgiving, the Someone Cares Soup Kitchen has been getting more positive attention thanks to some hefty bacon-loving Canadians who love cooking up some astronomically fattening meals.

The guys from “Epic Meal Time” — along with friends Hannah Hart, KassemG and Feast of Fiction — personally showed up to Someone Cares by cooking up some awesome Thanksgiving care packages for the less fortunate and serving them in their latest YouTube video released on Tuesday. Some of the concoctions Harley Morenstein and the gang made up this time around include “Fast Food Lasagna” made up of dozens of McDonald’s cheeseburgers and their hyper-realistic version to Turducken — the TurBaconEpic.

Perhaps watching these happy homeless people eat up these insanely indulging meals will help Mayor Grinch’s small heart grow three sizes today.


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