Facebook Tests Alert Sounds, Begin Ranking Comments By Importance

Starting soon, Facebook will be telling you whom you should be paying attention to. No, I’m not talking about some sort of iron-fisted Facebook reign of tyranny … not yet at least (shifts eyes back and forth suspiciously).

Apparently, Facebook has been spreading the word about their brand new comment-ranking algorithm. The social media site has confirmed with several sources that their spiffy new commenting system will now rank comments by their importance.

Similar to the way YouTube handles their commenting system, Facebook will list the most-liked and responded to comments above all those dreaded smiley face and “obama iz a socialest” replies.

With the most clever and well-liked replies jumping to the top of posts, expect more “social media gurus” to stress the importance of “engaging your fan base.” This of course translates into more small business owners commenting on literally every post in hopes of having their comments boosted to the top.

I imagine that Satan will teach the first social media seminar titled “How to be Witty on Facebook” with Richard Nixon’s ghost working the Powerpoint presentation.

Facebook is also rumored to be working on sound notifications for every time someone writes on your Timeline or sends you a message. It will be a lot like AIM notifications from back in the day, except more horrible because you are no longer an angsty teen.

Eagle-eyed YouTube user Sean Ludwig captured Facebook testing the sound notification on his page and uploaded the whole debacle to YouTube.


New Facebook sound notification and ranking system — into it? Hate it? let us know in the comments below.

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