Facebooker Loses Job Over Racist ‘Obama Assassination’ Post; Take Note, Idiots [VIDEO]

So a young woman got fired recently for posting a Facebook message which read, “Another 4 years of this nigger. Maybe he will get assassinated this term.” She was speaking in regards to our dark-skinned president re-elect, btw. Or as Mitt Romney would possibly call him, “our Lamanite president.”

Anybody who reads my work even casually knows that I’m something of a new media apologist. We’re all just learning how to use this crazy, newfangled internet-ah-mah-jig, and as a result, stupid people are gonna take the occasional public ass-fucking. What qualifies you for enlistment in the Klan however, is when the news media generously allows you to maybe revise your statement in a follow-up interview, and instead you metaphorically go the “Jerry Springer Show” route of “flipping off the audience and showing your titties.”

Denise Helms, 22, was fired from her job at (wait for it) Coldstone Creamery within 24 hours of posting the message, which went immediately viral. And maybe, just maybe, her life is going to get a little bit worse: “The assassination part is kind of harsh. I’m not saying like I would go do that or anything like that, by any means, but if it was to happen, I don’t think I’d care one bit,” said Helms in an interview with Fox News (who likely offered her a job as a correspondent). She has already been turned in to the Secret Service, which considers “threats against the president” a felony. Doubtful that they’ll waterboard her ass, but maybe a healthy chat will make the Turlock, Calif. dumbass rethink the way she uses social media. Mad props for her sticking to her guns though.

In what was a “sweet keeps getting sweeter” moment, Helms, the ex-Coldstone Creamery (teehee) employee, was found to be unregistered to vote, though she had performed this generation’s version of her civic duty and “liked” Mitt Romney’s Facebook page. America, maybe this is why we can’t have nice things?


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