Facebook’s New Scrapbook-Like ‘Couples’ Pages’ Is Cringeworthy

In a nod to the lovers out there, Facebook is introducing its revamped “friendship” pages to include couples pages that chronicle the story of you and your significant other.

For the couples’ pages to work, both users have to list their relationship — whether it’s married, engaged, domestic partnership, etc. — publicly. Once that’s public, then Facebook compiles the photos and status updates couples share and turn in it into a digital scrapbook for everyone to see. How cute!

The best part of all? There’s no opt-out option for couples. The only way you can avoid having the couples’ page force-fed to you is by not mentioning your relationship at all or just leaving Facebook altogether.

Actually, as a single man, this is pretty cringeworthy, and I’m not alone in expressing that sentiment. Even a couple of bloggers are “puking” at the thought of seeing these couples’ pages on a regular basis.

For instance, blogger Jennifer Wright at The Gloss said she wants to vomit at the thought of looking at Facebook pages for couples. She writes: “I don’t view this as necessary to begin with. Basically, I do not think that being a couple turns you into a stick figure with a hybrid thought process (perhaps because, terrifyingly, your brain has become a heart). I don’t think that’s science.”

The Telegraph columnist Emma Bartnett also shared the same sentiment and chastised Mark Zuckerberg for ruining the Facebook experience for couples: “When you start doing things for us — the experience is anything but social or remotely positive. You have infantilized my relationship for me with the creation of www.facebook.com/us. Only I should get to do that.”

While some of these responses are quite melodramatic, I think it’s safe to say that Facebook is way too share-happy. It makes you want to think twice about making your relationship “Facebook official,” right?

Will Facebook’s new couples’ pages make you happy or annoyed? Tell us below.

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