Fullscreen Announces Million Dollar Creator Fund For All Network Partners

Most YouTube partners by now are pretty used to living hand to mouth. Luckily, creative network Fullscreen has just launched an initiative to help their partners produce and distribute content with a bit more ease.

The “Million Dollar Creator Fund” is Fullscreen’s latest enterprise, which will distribute $1 million over the course of a few months to various creators. The fund would certainly be a blessing for many creators, however the Powerball this is not. In order to be considered for up to $10 thousand each, Fullscreen will select four candidates who have exhibited extraordinary growth in the previous months.

At Fullscreen’s website, the network explains the four categories in which creators will be eligible to receive the $10 thousand.

Newcomer Award: The most promising new channel that joined the Fullscreen network.

Growth Award: The channel with the most viewed video that month.

Gorilla Award: The channel with the most creative and well-produced video submitted to a recent Gorilla campaign.

Network Submission Award: The channel with the most entertaining video submitted to the main channel of a Fullscreen niche network.

If you’re a Fullscreen partner, don’t put a down payment on that Lambo just yet. The $10 thousand will be used towards marketing you channel through pre-roll ads and exclusive marketing opportunities. It’s not the most glamorous way to spend 10 grand, but it definitely will help those independent YouTube channels who need a media boost.

If you are worried about when and where to submit your work, Fullscreen has already got things covered, as the original post explains, “If you’re in the Fullscreen network, you’re already being considered, so there’s no need to submit your channel.”

Fullscreen partners, think you have a shot? Let us know in the comments below.

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