‘Gangnam Style’ Dethrones JLo, Becomes Second Most-Watched YouTube Video Ever

Somewhere, in a Los Angeles penthouse, South Korean rap sensation Psy is putting a big red X through an 8 by 10 headshot of Jennifer Lopez. Now, he is turning on MTV, which is playing the music video for Justin Bieber’s “Baby,” and quietly, so only the closest of his groupies can hear, he is whispering, “You’re next, you’re next.”

“Gangnam Style” is now the second most viewed YouTube video of all time. Jenny from the block’s “On The Floor” has been dethroned and now resides under the heavily polished alligator-skin loafers of “Gangnam Style.” As of this moment, the painfully viral YouTube video has been viewed 626,839,810 times. If that doesn’t seem that impressive to you, just consider that “Gangnam Style” has been viewed almost as many times as the U.S population number doubled.

Excuse this pseudo-journalist for the slight sensationalism, but I think at this point it is safe to say Psy is more popular than the Pope and Paul Newman combined. The most amazing thing about Psy’s rocket towards internet stardom is that even after every rhythm-less white person on Earth started doing it, “Gangnam Style” still remains cooler than an Eskimo with hypothyroidism.



Watch your back, Beebs. Psy is coming for you.

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