‘Gangnam Style’ Is Illuminati Propaganda And Obama’s Victory Dance Of Choice [INFOGRAPHIC]

Let me go on record as saying that I absolutely fucking adored “Gangnam Style” when it was first rising up the viral video charts. Psy seems like a genuinely great dude who is completely humble and 100% grateful in the face of his gargantuan global popularity. He also once tweeted out an article we wrote a few months ago giving us a much-appreciated surge in traffic. Psy is A-okay in my book. That being said, if one more piece of Gangnam news lands in my inbox I’ll probably start mailing letter bombs.

So, here is the plan: I’m going to round up every choice piece of “Gangnam Style” news that came out this week and pray that it satiates the cruel gods of viral video.

While you bask or burn in the glow of Barack Obama’s re-elected victory, just consider this: At some point, Barry, clad in presidential-style boxer shorts, probably while wearing Abe Lincoln’s famous stovetop hat, was doing “Gangnam Style” like a boss for first lady Michelle Obama. In a recent interview with radio station WZID-FM, Obama explained when asked if he would do Psy’s signature dance move that “I think I can do the move, but I’m not sure that the inauguration ball is the appropriate time to break that out.” He added, “Maybe … do it privately for Michelle.” Take that in whatever context you see fit.

Next on the docket, some maniac took time out of his alleged social life to create this handy infographic detailing why “Gangnam Style” is an illuminati conspiracy. Listen, I know it sounds a little crazy but … yeah, you’re right — it is fucking bananas. Check out a portion of it below.

The South Korean pop sensation has crossed the pond, as they say, to give a speech at the prestigious Oxford Union. Per usual, the Daily Mail was on top of the story with hard-hitting talking points such as “He wore sleeveless leather jacket, sunglasses and cropped trousers.” Apparently, Psy was “mobbed by fans” who, from what I know of Londoners, offered him blood pudding and talked about “Dr. Who.”

Finally, in a Paris press conference, Psy told reporters that he didn’t believe “Gangnam Style” to be a complete success, saying “I didn’t do anything – people hit YouTube, people found this music and they brought it to the world. Not me.” “Gangnam Style” not a success? I think we can collectively agree that is bullshit, right?

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