‘Gangnam Style’ Will Be The Most-Watched YouTube Video Ever By The End Of The Weekend

Maybe it is because “Gangnam Style” has its own signature dance move. Or, maybe it is because PSY isn’t throwing a teenage angst-filled tantrum right now; it could be that PSY just pulls off harem pants way better. For all these reasons and more, “Gangnam Style” is within striking distance of beating Justin Bieber’s “Baby” for most watched YouTube video ever.

As I write this sentence, “Baby” has 803,182,981 views while “Gangnam Style’s” view count clocks in at 796,954,439. Back at the beginning of November, I wrote about PSY taking down Jennifer Lopez’s “On The Floor” making “Gangnam Style” the second most-watched YouTube video of all time. At the time, the Korean dance anthem had 626,839,810 views. Fast-forward 21 days later, and the much-parodied viral hit has accrued over 170 million views.

With PSY’s viral monstrosity only 6,228,542 views behind Beebs, the end is all but nigh for “Baby.” At this rate, “Gangnam Style” should take the most-viewed YouTube video crown in a matter days especially as “Gangnam Style” averages around 8.1 million views a day.

You were a kind and fair king, Justin, but alas, like all kings you must fall. All hail PSY, King of YouTube Lord of viral velocity. Hip hip hoorah.

That is, unless Justin Bieber’s millions of fangirls rise up and take back the throne. What say you, fair maidens? Okay, I’m dropping the medieval thing.


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