Geeks Prove It: Piracy hub ‘MegaUpload’ Shutdown Prompts Lower Movie Attendance

So it turns out that video pirates might have been on the side of good after all. A new study by the Munich School of Management concludes that many Hollywood films have actually been hurt by the shuttering of humongous online piracy site MegaUpload earlier this year.
The study, which gathered statistics on weekly financial numbers for almost 1400 movies in 49 countries over a five-year period (so you know it’s legit!) determined that while blockbuster films such as “The Avengers” were not affected, all those smaller films out there (that arty shit) felt the burn.The reasoning is simple (to me at least): Big blockbuster movies are movies that most people are going to go see regardless. Smaller movies are more of the hit-or-miss variety, and so I usually wait until my trusted friends (soulless video pirates every one of them) tell me if a film is worth my $12.00 (or however much I pay… between two tickets, popcorn, soda, raisinettes, whatever… I can’t keep track anymore). Without a site to pirate from, my friends can’t recommend good films for me, and thus, I don’t go.

The solution? Put the piracy sites back up. The reality is that most movies (like the publishing industry) make their money solely on the enormous profits of those blockbusters — some films even pirates want to watch in theaters — everything else is a wash. So if studios can garner strong reviews for those smaller flicks via the cost of few free eyes, the payoff can only help their bottom line.

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