Get The Free YouTube App For Nintendo’s New Wii U Console

Now playing on your new Nintendo Wii U is the YouTube app. You can download it for free straight from the game console’s menu and watch 1080p HD-quality video in your living room.

The YouTube app menu lets you easily scroll for featured YouTube video picks based on categories like music, comedy and entertainment. The menu also lets you browse the latest videos from your subscriptions. If you want to look for a particular video, you can search for it by using the Nintendo Wii U’s GamePad and see all the details on it as well.

Nintendo released its latest game console last week and is trying to catch up with competitors like the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3 which already have video-streaming apps like YouTube, Netflix and Hulu Plus. Besides YouTube, Nintendo Wii U has their one-stop video streaming feature called Tvii, which brings Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Video services under one channel.

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