Google Now Lets You Keep Your YouTube Username — If You Link to Google+

By now, you’ve probably received a message on YouTube encouraging you to use your real name as your username by linking it to your Google+ profile. This is part of their broader efforts in combating trolls populating the video-sharing service and in boosting Google’s social media platform.

Now, YouTube is making some minor changes to that push. They’re letting people keep their original channel name if they create a Google+ page with that name. Unlike a Google+ profile, a Google+ page is tailored for brands that can enable up to 50 people to manage them.

Writing on the YouTube Creator UK blog, Google’s David Boyle explained that this would be useful for creators who have built a brand around their username: “While using a full name from a Google+ profile might work well for a creator who wants to build their brand as an individual, this simply doesn’t work if you don’t want a full name on your channel.  If you run a channel with a name like BlueXephos or VlogBrothers, you should create a Google+ page (as opposed to a profile) with that name.”

Expect this new option to roll out in the coming weeks. Although Google’s efforts to encourage users to use their real names haven’t work out as planned, they’re still pushing them to link their Google+ account to YouTube. While this may boost Google+’s numbers for now, blatantly pressuring YouTube users to join their social media network may turn out to be a poor decision in the long run since it may annoy some current users while not increasing the platform’s engagement for the future.

What do you think of Google pushing their social media platform through YouTube?

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