Watch as Mitt Romney’s Facebook Fanbase Disappears In Real-Time

While President Barack Obama basks in the glow of an upcoming second term and his breaking of social media records (with his Facebook photo of him embracing his wife Michelle,) Mitt Romney is slowly disintegrating into social media irrelevance.

A new website called “Disappearing Romney” is tracking the steady drop of “likes” on his Facebook page. The Daily Dot reported that the day after Election Day, the Romney campaign was losing upwards of 847 friends per hour. As of last count, the Romney Facebook page had about 12,036,648 likes, a drop from its Election Day standings at 12,135,972.

For some, it isn’t a surprise considering the Romney campaign hasn’t been quite honest about its social media dealings throughout the campaign. In July, busted the campaign for buying thousands of followers on Twitter after the campaign’s account amassed 152,966 in a single day. The ever-shrinking following on Facebook could possibly be a testament of Romney’s lack of connection with his social media following and possibly the desperate tactics that the campaign used in order to boost its numbers.

Cheer up, Mitt. Have a glass of milk on us. As for the rest of you, check out the website and see the incredibly shrinking Mitt Romney Facebook fanbase in action.