‘Hello There, Racists!’ Tumblr Shares Words, Names and Faces of Online Racists

While Democrats are riding the coattails of celebration after the re-election of President Obama, it is understandable that not everyone is dancing around in their Uncle Sam hats and chanting, “Yes We Can!” Following this election, however, many young Americans have taken to the Internet to share their hatred not for Obama’s presidential decisions, but rather for the color of his skin. In an attempt to make individuals responsible for their racist tweets, Facebook statuses, and texts, Tumblr blog Hello There, Racists! posts individuals’ assassination threats and racist comments alongside those commenters’ personal information. “There is nothing wrong with disliking President Obama. Disagree with him on policies, dislike his politics. But the unbelievable amount of hatred simply because of the color of his skin and multifaceted background is quite simply, despicable. And totally Un-American,” reads the Tumblr’s bio.

The verdict is in, kids: You’re not American; you’re actually just fucking racist.

In an effort to shame these individuals, Hello There, Racists! collects and posts individuals’ names, schools and their current locations as a way of punishing them for their intolerant and offensive attitudes. The Tumblr’s founder ultimately hopes that their blog will alert parents, schools and employers to the internet language being used by these individuals so that they may then slap these kids upside the head with the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

While it seems doubtful that the individuals featured on this Tumblr have many other thoughts not involving things like big game hunting and Bud Light, Hello There, Racists! has proven to be a sad reminder of how far we have yet to go concerning equality and tolerance. Hello There, Racists! makes a strong statement and is part of a much needed step in making individuals accountable for their actions.

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