Holy Photos, Batman! Instagram Is Coming To An Internet Near You!

Good news, hipsters! Your Jesus is now online — I’m not talking about PBR here, I’m talking about your other Jesus — Instagram.

Once a sweet simple community for mobile users, Instagram is growing up and becoming an online microblogging power player. I wouldn’t be surprised if some greedy fat cat somewhere was gonna try and monetize the whole damn thing, but that’s just cruel fear-mongering for the moment. As sweet as free Instagram online is, it still isn’t perfect though.

There is a sort of good cop/bad cop element to this whole sordid press release: Apparently, your precious filter element is not (yet) making the jump to the Instagram page. For now, that bit of sweetness will still be relegated only to your smartphone (for some reason I feel I should add a taunting demonic laugh here).

But at least you have an official Instagram page online with your official Instagram profile, instead of bullshit knock-off pages like Statigram, Instagrid, and Webstagram. And you can still like and share and do all those wonderful things that let your spirits run free, so take that, fat cats.

Just go to Instagram.com/(username). No @ be necessary (yee-har!). Profiles are being uploaded all week, so don’t fret if you don’t see yours; it will be there soon. So until Instagram figures out a way to monetize itself, run free online, you young Mapplethorpes!

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