Honey Boo Boo Fan Art Created From Trash is Right On [VIDEO]

Normally I would make fun of Jason Mecier, but the dude is straight up talented. Unfortunately, Hitler was talented too; hopefully we can redirect Jason into healthier outlets than creating Honey Boo Boo fan art.

The most telling moment of this engrossing video is when Jason informs the viewers via off-screen narration that he created his Honey Boo Boo collage out of “50 pounds of trash.” Sounds light by about 40 pounds, but that’s a comment for another article.

Shown in fast motion, the mosaic took over 50 hours and to help move things along, Jason plays some of Honey Boo Boo’s most endearing (and thoughtful) quotes while the artist channels his inner Honey Boo Boo Child by eating about 50 pounds of Chicken Mcnuggets.

I wonder what Jason’s wife thinks about all this. Cough.



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