AsapSCIENCE’s Mitchell Moffit Talks about the Inspiration Behind His YouTube Channel [INTERVIEW]

Science is an important thing. Most likely, you are reading this on a computer that uses tiny silicon transistors rapidly firing on and off, and of course, miles upon miles of fiber optic cable just to deliver the words you are reading at this very moment. Understanding the basics of science can be just as fascinating as the most enthralling book, or jaw-dropping movie.

But, scientific laws and theories can be hard to understand. Thanks to the clever folks at AsapSCIENCE, you can now get your “knowledge on,” in bite-sized pieces. With YouTube videos averaging under three minutes, you can understand the basics of complex phenomena such as lucid dreaming and orgasms! Hehe, orgasms … moving on, NMR was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to question the how and why of AsapSCIENCE with channel creator Mitchell Moffit. Enjoy:


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