#InvisibleParents Video Highlights Same-Sex Families’ Inequalities in Europe

British LGBT rights group AllOut, with the help of other like-minded organizations in Europe, have launched their campaign titled #InvisibleParents with the release of a poignant home movie-like video posted on YouTube featuring a young girl with her father to highlight the alarming inequalities that same-sex families face in the 27 different countries in the European Union. They have used the #InvisibleParents short video as the centerpiece of a petition drive to pressure the EU in ending discrimination against same-sex families. Currently, only six countries recognize same-sex marriage, ten have civil unions and domestic partnerships, and only a few countries allow same-sex couples to adopt children.

London filmmaker Mike Buonaiuto directed this short film. Recent projects he’s helmed include directing a similarly poignant viral short film, “Homecoming,” featuring a gay soldier coming home from deployment to the loving arms of his partner. That video was aimed at making same-sex marriage legal in Britain.