It Girl Chrissie Miller Talks Fashion & Why YouTube Is the Perfect Platform For Her New Show

Chrissie Miller is the ultimate cool girl.

From her just-rolled-out-of-bed long blonde hair to the “hangout” feel of her YouTube studio, everything about Chrissie Miller breathes effortlessly chic. Starting her career as a New York City DJ and co-founder of the “Sophomore” fashion line sold in boutiques around the world, Chrissie Miller is now diving into the YouTube scene hosting her new show “Club Chrissie.”

Inspired by Chrissie’s East Village apartment, also once nicknamed “Club Chrissie,” Chrissie’s YouTube studio continues to be the premiere spot for celebrities, musicians and friends to talk, drink and enjoy YouTube videos together.

Partnering with producer Pharrell Williams on his YouTube channel, i am OTHER, Chrissie’s DIY fashion show brings together her eclectic group of friends while teaching simple crafts such as bedazzling and tie dye — Chrissie’s two favorites. Taking pictures of her friends against a lineup, pouring shots and talking with her co-host Pidgey the pigeon and Cory the fish, Chrissie’s show is defined by a style only she could pull off. Below, Chrissie sat down with NMR to talk about making your apartment the ultimate hang-out and the reasons behind her decision to create a show on YouTube rather than television.


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